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ARC Performance Systems is a Chattanooga Tennessee based athlete coaching service specializing in the cycling disciplines. We provide personalized training programs for all levels of athletes ranging from elite national racers to local group riders. 

Whether you're a beginner looking for an easy to use guided plan, or an experienced racer seeking peak performance for an event, we have the right program for you. ARC coaches utilize the latest training methodologies and performance management software to help you reach your highest potential!

Drawing on years of competitive experience and training through multiple certification programs, our coaches provide each athlete with a custom-tailored training plan that fits their individual abilities, goals, and lifestyle. Scroll down to view our  Program offerings and to schedule a FREE consultation today.


We look forward to helping you a achieve a fitter, faster YOU!

Bike Path




For Beginners to Weekend Warriors!

  • Initial consultation to determine strengths, weaknesses, and goals

  • Customized daily training plan and optimized athlete specific workouts

  • Weekly coach feedback session via e-mail, phone call, or text message

  • Monthly training zone adjustments and plan updates as you gain fitness

  • 24-hour coach responsiveness

Monthly & Annual Packages Available!

Professional Bikers


Our Best Value Program for Race Day!

All ATHLETE program benefits, PLUS:

  • Event / Race prep including course review, strategy session, and recap

  • Annual Training Plan (individualized training strategy for the entire year)

  • Weekly training zone adjustments based on athlete's current metrics

  • Weekly power profile basic analysis

  • Same day coach responsiveness

Monthly & Annual Packages Available!

Bike Racing


The Ultimate Level of Performance!

All ATHLETE and RACER program benefits, PLUS:

  • Daily training zone and plan updates based on athlete's current metrics

  • Bi-weekly performance feedback session via phone, email, or Zoom

  • Weekly power profile deep analysis

  • Monthly equipment choice session

  • On Call coach responsiveness

Monthly & Annual Packages Available!

Not sure which program is right for you?

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